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                                            (415) 453-8715     

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                                                  Welcome !  I'm the repair guy on the motorcycle who fixes  just about everything

                                                        SERVICE AREA                 

                                       Lagunitas  Forest Knolls  Woodacre    
                                      Fairfax  San Anselmo  Ross Kentfield
                                        Greenbrae  Larkspur  San Rafael


                Jim's Repair Service

                                 48 Woodland Ave

                                                   San Anselmo CA 94960

                            Tel: 415-453-8715        

                                                           State Lic. 40320

                                                                                                    Business Lic. 1108


                                      MAJOR APPLIANCES**                                            PORTABLE APPLIANCES

                                       Refrigerators                                                                 Microwave Ovens

                                       Washers                                                                         Lamps

                                       Dryers                                                                            Coffee Makers

                                       Dishwashers                                                                   Hair Dryers 

                                       Stoves                                                                             Fans

                                       Disposers                                                                        Restaurant Equipment

                                       ......All major appliances                                                 .......All small appliances

                                      INSTALLATIONS**                                                     PLUMBING**

                                       Washers & Dryers                                                        Faucets

                                       Garbage Disposers                                                       Toilets

                                       Dishwashers                                                                  Drains

                                       PLUMBING**                                                             ELECTRICAL**                                         

                                       Diagnose-Repair-Replace                                            Diagnose-Repair-Replace

                                       Faucets                                                                         Lights

                                       Toilets                                                                           Switches

                                       Drains                                                                           Outlets


                                                                                                          House Call Rates 

                                                                                                      **Professional: $95/hr



SaveTime    and Money

                                                   Please call me about your Portable Appliance first before trying to bring it in.

                                                              There is no shop here. It's a private home.

                                                                                                            Thank You

                                                                                                             Jim Wiley

  Small Appliance Parts

Absolute Appliance Repair      775 27th Ave SF      415-388-0690

Phil's Electric Repair            2701 Lombard SF       415-921-3776
      Note:  Thanks to the introduction of electronic circuit boards the repair of small household appliances is a dying art. The only parts on most of these electronic/Chinese imports that are worth fixing is the cords and plugs.

Today's major appliance purchases should include an extended warrantee and a surge protector.  ECB's are fragile devices that are sensitive to moisture, temperature change,  power surges and static electricity. The rugged electrical/mechanical controls of the past were built to withstand these conditions.

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